Best of fish

My Greek relatives wanted me to post in English so it would become available to them as well. I told them to use Google translate and they replied that my weird slang language made no sense therefore I’ve decided to start writing in English. This is not a pretentious move on my behalf, me trying to mastering the language. I know that It won’t be pretty, it will be embarrassing and in the end if I feel that it doesn’t work I’m gonna keep on posting in Swedish. However I’ll just try it out for now. Like the title of this post implies I’m going to show you epic photos of fish from Oceanarium I visited in Singapore on the Samosa island resort. Is that really entertaining? My answer is yes, fish are funny and sometimes pretty.

Many fishes were black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow… yeah aha you know what it is

Starfish, pretty in pink


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